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Via Provinciale 262,  Acitrezza (CT)

Via Provinciale 262,  Acitrezza (CT)


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Eastern Sicily


The fishing village of Aci Trezza is part of the municipality of Aci Castello, in the province of Catania, on the Eastern coast of Sicily. The imposing spectacle of its eight Stacks, which according to the legend, homer, were hurled by Polyphemus to ulysses during his escape, and the authenticity of its maritime tradition make it one of the most sought after destinations by visitors.


Catania is one of the few cities in Italy to offer many different types of countryside to be concentrated in a single site. Is located on the eastern coast of Sicily, at the foot of the volcano Etna and half way between the cities of Messina and Syracuse. Catania has been extensively transformed by the consequences of the earthquakes that have raged on this part of Sicily. Its surrounding territory was repeatedly covered by lava flows that reached the sea. But the people of catania stubbornly have it rebuilt on its own rubble. According to the legend, the city was destroyed seven times during its history, but in fact, these disasters can certainly relate to a few but horrifying events. All the ancient monuments were placed in the urban fabric of the city was rebuilt thanks to the many artists, also of national fame, among which certainly stands out the work of the architect Giovanni Battista Vaccarini that gave the city a clear baroque style.


Taormina is one of the tourist destinations most important international of the eastern Sicily, known for its natural landscape, the beautiful sea and its historical monuments are known throughout the world. There are beautiful shops with the major brands of the world and in which, thanks also to the many prestigious cultural events, there is a tourist season that lasts all year with a peak in August and minimum in January-February and that welcomes both customers of luxury, is a mass tourism medium-high.

Monte Etna

Mount Etna, also called mongibello, is the highest and most active volcano in Europe. The regular eruptions of the mountain, sometimes dramatic, have made it a subject of great interest for the Greek and roman mythology and folk beliefs that have tried to explain the behavior of the volcano through the various gods and giants of the legends and Greek and roman. Like all volcanoes, mount Etna has been formed over millennia in a process of construction and destruction that started around up to 570,000 years ago. The first eruptions of basaltic lava can be seen in the beautiful outcrops of the Riviera of the Cyclops with the famous Faraglioni diAcitrezza.

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